Commander Two-Headed Giant Unified $1K

Commander Two-Headed Giant Unified $1K

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  • Saturday 7/23/2022
  • 12:00pm

What are the rules?

There are a few ways to play this format but here is Dragon Knight Games' official unofficial 2HG Commander Rules:

  • Life starts at 60 for both teams.
  • The starting team cannot draw on their first turn.
  • Commander damage is 21 per commander.
  • Infect loss is at 15 poison counters.
  • All other standard commander/EDH rules apply.

How does combat work?

Combat in 2HG can be a tad difficult to understand at first. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • You and your partner enter combat at the same time.
  • You can only attack/block with creatures you control.
  • When you enter combat you must declare what player or planeswalker you are attacking with each creature. This is important for things like infect, commander damage, and some card effects.
  • You may block a creature attacking your partner with a creature you control.
  • Cards the refer to things like "attacking creatures you control" do not include your partner's creatures or permanents.


  • How do extra turns work in 2HG?
    • If you take an extra turn you and your teammate will take the extra turn together. Same goes for losing or ending a turn.
  • Will there be place holder cards allowed?
    • We are going to allow 5 place holder cards. These cards must be written on any flip helper card token or gold bordered blank cards. Converted Mana Cost, Name, and any text from the original card must be written on it to properly identify the card.
  • Will there be an attendance cap?
    • We will be capping this event at 24 teams to ensure comfort for our players.

Prizing Structure

  • 1st Place Team - $500
  • 2nd Place Team - $300
  • 3rd/4th Place Teams - $100
  • 5th/8th Place Teams - 6 packs of New Capenna set booster packs.


  • Both players need to register. When completing the checkout please ensure you register an account with us that has a valid email. We will be emailing the event code for the companion app to you once your payment has processed.
  • You can also preregister in store before the event to guarantee your teams spot.